Just for Fun

Tabletop Onager

A few weeks ago I built a tabletop trebuchet. After playing with it my sons and I decided we needed another machine to hurl our balls back to the trebuchet. Rather than build another trebuchet I decided to build another seige engine. After reviewing the different specimens from the different categories of seige engines (counter weight, tension, and torsion) a torsion powered machine seemed like it would be neat. Since this would be my first torsion machine I decided to build an onager.


Tabletop Trebuchet

I was walking through Home Depot with my six year old son. As we walked around the store looking for a toilet seat I had the thought, "I bet my boys would have fun with a little trebuchet." I know, strange isn't it. Anyway, I had an idea of how I would build it so I bought some pieces of wood and we headed home to make it. After a quick Google search and some sketching on my white board my boys and I headed to the workshop.