Alternative Nameservers

Look at DJBDNS by the author of Qmail (Dan Bernstein). It works for Lycos. It works for It works for It works for 1.85 million more .com's. It works for several of the Internet's largest domain-hosting companies: directNIC, MyDomain/NamesDirect, Interland, Dotster, Easyspace, Namezero, and Netfirms. It'll work for you too. [Dan Bernstein's site] See also: Using DJBDNS and Getting Out of a BIND See also: Bound by Tradition: A Sampling of the Security Posture of the Internet's DNS Servers The Open Road: Alternative Nameservers - PowerDNS is an authoritative-only nameserver. This means that it will answer queries about zones that it is responsible for, but it won't attempt to find information on another zone/domain. For example, if you set up PowerDNS to handle "," it won't answer queries for "" or "". This means that you don't have to worry about a poorly configured (or maliciously configured) server polluting your nameserver's cache. It can use a number of database backends or a BIND-type named.conf to store records. Interestingly, it also includes a built-in Web server to allow you to check out performance information and statistics in realtime. [Unix Review]