I'm maintaining a Drupal module (simplesamlphp_auth)

Over the past several months I've been working with various SAML technologies. Since we have a good size group of folks running Drupal I've been using SimpleSAMLphp, a solid PHP-based implementation of SAML. Thankfully Andreas Solberg and Snorre Lovas put together a Drupal module that integrates SimpleSAMLphp with Drupal, allowing Drupal sites to communicate with Shibboleth and SAML identity providers.

I got involved with the simplesamlphp_auth module when SimpleSAMLphp version 1.6 came out. The new release caused the Drupal module to fail, so I made some simple tweaks to get it working again. The recent release of Drupal 7 brought with it the demand to update the module to work with Drupal 7. Since I had an immediate need to get a federated Drupal 7 site up I took the liberty of working over the module for the new version of Drupal. Both times I signaled that I had done work to the module Andreas reminded the user group that the module was in need of a maintainer. The second time I responded.

So, now I'm the lead maintainer of the simplesamlphp_auth module for Drupal. I just committed my Drupal 7 changes so users of Drupal 7 can enjoy all the SAMLly goodness that Drupal 6 users have been enjoying for months. In addition, I plan to move the project over to Drupal.org so that it will be listed as a first class Drupal module alongside all the others.