Personal Password Management Survey

My next computer security video will cover personal password management. In anticipation of that I decided to do an anonymous survey to see how folks manage their passwords. I don't claim that it's statistically accurate or that it reveals anything conclusive. It's a sampling of people from Facebook, Twitter, and work.

49 people from all over the place took the survey.

When asked to rate themselves on their management of passwords:
6% said less than OK
49% said OK
45% said better than OK

When asked about their approach to using passwords:
57% said they use a different password for each class of service (one for commerce, one for banking, one for social services, etc.).
24% said they use a unique password for each service.
19% said they use the same password for everything.

When asked to select all the ways they remember their passwords:
52% said they memorize them.
33% said they use a password vault (e.g., one file or system to store multiple passwords, protected by a master password)
21% said they write them down.
17% said they use a mnemonic to me remember them.
14% said they use a core password and add to it (e.g., mypass_1, mypass_2, mypass_ebay, mypass_amazon, etc.).

When asked how much thought they'd given to their management of passwords:
2% said they'd given no thought to it.
12% said they'd given hardly any thought to it.
60% said they'd given some thought to it.
17% said they'd given a lot of thought to it.
9% said they are security analysts.

For more observations about the survey visit this Twitter search.