Why I don't become a fan of pages for generic things and concepts on Facebook

The "page" feature of Facebook is designed to provide a way for people to become fans of people, organizations, bands, etc. These fan pages are available to people who do not have Facebook accounts and administrators of fan pages have the ability to send updates to fans. Anyone with a Facebook account can create a fan page about anything, even things for which they are not the authority.

Firefox 3 sec_error_crl_invalid errors

For the last month or so I've been experiencing sec_error_crl_invalid errors on a couple of sites when using Firefox 3. Thanks to this post on NZGeek's blog I was able to resolve the issue. It turns out by deleting the CRLs (that where disabled anyway) I was able to solve my issue.

Jesse's Favorite Interview Question

Jesse Robbins elegantly described the kind of person that would be a good candidate for the Internet Services Engineering aspects of my job in his O'Reilly Radar post.

My favorite interview question to ask candidates is: "What happens when you type www.(amazon|google|yahoo).com in your browser and press return?"

HOWTO: Apache Name-based SSL-enabled Virtual Hosting

I want to do virtual hosting of SSL-enabled virtual hosts on the same Apache server as my other non-SSL-enabled virtual hosts. I don't want to assign more than one IP address to the server and all of my virtual hosts will be within the same domain (e.g., example.com).


When Apache processes a request for a name-based virtual host it receives the request from the browser, which includes the Host header (e.g., Host: www.example.com). Apache uses the Host header to determine which name-based virtual host to route the request to. It works this way regardless of the connection type, HTTP or HTTPS.