Are you an SSH power user? Checkout Keychain: Many of us use the excellent OpenSSH as a secure, encrypted replacement for the venerable telnet and rsh commands. One of OpenSSH's (and the commercial SSH2's) more intriguing features is its ability to authenticate users using the RSA and DSA authentication protocols, which are based upon a pair of complementary numerical "keys".

SAP DB (SAP's open sourced their database)

SAP has open sourced their database under the LGPL, SAP DB is now available for download for free. SAP also has provided a few web links to various sites that have how-to's on setting up SAP DB with applications like Apache and PHP. If your in the design phase of a project and looking for a good database to put behind it, you may want to check out SAP DB. I may download it and check it out, keep your eye out for more here at Geek(Wisdom). [SAP DB]

PostgreSQL AutoDoc

PostgreSQL AutoDoc What is it?
This is a utility which will run through PostgreSQL system tables and returns HTML, DOT, and 2 styles of XML which describes the database. The HTML is human readable (via webbrowser). The first style of XML is actually the fileformat of Dia, a UML diagram tool. The second type of XML is similar to the HTML but in the Docbook 4 format.

Practical PostgreSQL (the book is online)

Command Prompt and O'Reilly are providing their Practical PostgreSQL book online. Here's a quote from the book's preface: PostgreSQL is one of the most successful open source databases available. It is arguably also the most advanced, with a wide range of features that challenge even many closed-source databases.

Distributing Your CA to Client Browsers

Do you have your own CA? Need to distribute your CA public key to client browsers? Here's how: Distributing Your CA to Client Browsers - Installing your shiny new Certificate Authority certificate to client browsers is just a click away In order for your client browsers to trust your new Certificate Authority, they must be configured to accept your CA's public key.