OpenSource P2P with JXTA

JXTA technology is a set of open protocols that allow any connected device on the network ranging from cell phones and wireless PDAs to PCs and servers to communicate and collaborate in a P2P manner. JXTA peers create a virtual network where any peer can interact with other peers and resources directly even when some of the peers and resources are behind firewalls and NATs or are on different network transports.

Mozilla to de-couple browser and e-mail

All I can say is, FINALLY! In my opinion, it's a great idea. Don't get me wrong, I like mozilla and mozilla mail, I just wish I could recommend mozilla mail by itself or the browser by itself based on the merits rather than the fact that it's all one monolithic application rather than a framework with add ons. Check out the New Mozilla Roadmap - This is the third major roadmap revision since the original roadmap that set Mozilla on a new course for standards compliance, modularity, and portability in 1998. The previous roadmap documented milestones and rules of development through Mozilla 1.3, and contains links to older roadmaps. []

CORBA for Linux

ORBit is a CORBA 2.2-compliant Object Request Broker (ORB) featuring mature C and Perl bindings. Bindings (in various degrees of completeness) are also available for C++, Lisp, Pascal, Python, Ruby, and TCL; others are in-progress. It supports POA, DII, DSI, TypeCode, Any, IR and IIOP.
Optional features including INS and threading are available. ORBit is engineered for the desktop workstation environment, with a focus on performance, low resource usage, and security.

PHP Acceleration

PHP is one of the world's most installed web scripting languages. Sites like Yahoo are adopting it as their standard. But, because PHP is not a precompiled language there is room for execution improvement. Enter the PHP accelerator. The following is a list of some PHP accelerators...