Printer Sharing from OSX

I need to share an Apple laser printer with some PCs on my network. The printer is NOT network capable and can only be attached via localtalk. I have considered a localtalk to ethernet bridge. This seams to be the simplest method. But, I'd like to research some of the other methods of sharing this printer. Some links:
Printer Sharing from Mac OSX

Cofax CMS

Cofax is a Web-based text and multimedia content publication/content management system. It was designed to simplify the presentation of newspapers on the Web and to expedite real-time Web publication. At Knight Ridder, Cofax technology is helping to serve newspaper content for all of its papers, including the largest papers, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News, and smaller papers like the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader.

Open Source Web Design?

This is a neat idea. The concept of sharing designs and design information is profound, especially for the graphically challenged. Open Source Web Design is a community of designers and site owners freely sharing designs as well as design information. If you have come to download free designs, check out the Search Designs page where you will be able to search by color and W3 validation among other things. You can also see some OSWD designs in action by visiting the Links page. If you have come for design information, look into the Forum and the Design News, which outlines articles about design across the web. If you are a designer, please become part of the family by signing up for a free membership. With your membership you'll be able to share your designs with those who are in need of them. Help make the internet a prettier place!
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