Using Spamassassin with Qmail

I've been using Qmail for some time now and like it quite a bit. I recently configured a new Qmail server and wanted to set it up to use Spamassassin on a per user basis. I used to use ifspamh to do this but for some reason it would not work properly on my new server. While I was looking for a fix I came across a better way.

Open Middleware

OpenAdapter is open source EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) software. Written in Java, OpenAdapter can creat application to application or application to middleware connections. OpenAdapter provides "many ready-built interface components for JMS, LDAP, Mail, MQ Series, Oracle, Sybase and MSSQL Server as well as data exchange formats such as XML. New components are regularly added." [OpenAdapter]

Assessing Internet Explorer Use in Light of Vulnerabilities

I think some of the wrong conclusions are being drawn about the latest exploits for some known vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer (IE). First of all there is NO production level patch for Windows that will protect you from this exploit. SP2 RC2 is a release candidate, thus RC2. Microsoft says, "Customers who are already following our safe browsing guidance significantly reduce their risk from this type of attack." Reduce the risk, not eliminate it.

Dump Internet Exploder! Get another browser!

Look, it's simple, Internet Explorer (IE) and Outlook Express (OE) are the "targets of choice" for most virus and worm writers. Add to the security argument the fact that Microsoft has made no innovative steps and continues to ingore (even thwart) internet standards and the choice should be simple. Just switch to Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, or Safari. Every one of them is more secure and standards complient than IE. They all are more innovative. Why not pull one down and give it a whirl.

Why SCO didn't and doesn't need a discovery phase

I don't think SCO needed a discovery phase in the Linux portion of their IBM case and probably their AutoZone case either. If SCO says that IBM has infringed on their, alleged, UNIX copyright through IBM's aid in the further development of Linux, I submit that SCO has had all the information they need to prove such a case (if one exists) since before they filed any legal paperwork. If their position is that they own the copyright to UNIX then they would have the source code for it, right? Since Linux is open source, they can easily optain that code as well. If their claim is that code in Linux was stolen from UNIX then they've had both sets of code all along. Why has it taken them over a year and still no ability to produce the actual infringing code? Because, in reality, there is no code.