Information Technology: Liability, Plumbing, or Force Multiplier?

I've been saying for years that you can generate a fairly accurate hypothesis about the organizational attitude toward IT by looking at the responsibility for IT within an organization.

If responsibility for IT is scattered hither and thither then IT is likely an uncoordinated aid to other things, probably very inefficient, providing patchy uptimes, and non-scalable systems.

If IT is coordinated then the reporting line from the highest ranking IT person to the Executive Board Room can be very telling.

    The joys of OpenSuSE 11.4 on a Dell Latitude, and a Docking Station

    I've been running SuSE for 12 years. So, when I got my standard issue Dell Latitude E64xx I installed OpenSuSE 11.4. It runs great except when it's time to plug or unplug it from the docking station in my office. Then it's a pain because of the display switching issues.

    Listing the unique IP addresses from a Web log

    I want a list of the unique IP addresses for the machines that have requested pages from a specific directory of a Web application.

    // pull out the requests for just this directory
    grep DIRECTORY/request_log > DIRECTORY/request_log

    // remove all hits to non-pages (e.g., graphics, CSS, JS, etc)
    cat DIRECTORY/request_log | grep -v "\.gif" | grep -v "\.js" | grep -v "\.jpg" | grep -v "\.css" > DIRECTORY/page_hit_log

    // pull out the IPs, sort them file and remove duplicates

    Think before you meet

    Years ago I began working as a system administrator, then programmer. In 2000 I worked remotely 90% of the time. From my home office I could do almost everything I needed to do, but it was in this situation that I began to struggle with intense frustration related to interruptions. I began analyzing my situation and discovered that each interruption (e.g., phone call, meeting, pop-in) took me at least 20 minutes to recover from. That is, if I could ever return to the previous task that day.


    New project: drupalauth

    I've written an authentication module (drupalauth) for simpleSAMLphp that will authenticate users against a local Drupal site. Drupalauth makes it fairly simple for a small organization to bring up a SAML 2.0 identity provider (IdP). Using Drupal, simpleSAMLphp, and drupalauth it is possible to be up and running in less than an hour.



    A persona can be defined as a social role, a mask that a person presents to the world. In a federated identity environment should a person be allowed to have multiple personas or just one?

    Personae Everywhere

    Steve the Christian. Steve the son. Steve the brother. Steve the husband. Steve the father. Steve the Software Architect. Steve the martial artist. Steve the missionary. In the real world we have many different facets, personae if you will.